Nuclear Medicine Centre

Nuclear Medicine Centre

The Nuclear Medicine Centre of “Aversi Clinic” was opened on the 11th of September 2014.

The Nuclear Medicine Centre represents a high-technology centre, offering medical service, including diagnostic and treatment procedures. Carefully selected and trained personnel, modern medical equipment, reconstruction of buildings, compliance with international standards for radiation protection, comfortable atmosphere- everything contributes for the centre to become a regional flagship in nuclear medicine.

The Nuclear Medicine Centre of “Aversi Clinic” is headed by highly-experienced specialists in this sphere: Natalia Shengelia-De Lange and radiologist Irakli Porchkhidze.

There are held the following treatment procedures at the Nuclear Medicine Centre: treatment of thyroid diseases with radioactive iodine, scintigraphy of bones, myocardium, kidneys, thyroid and "sentinel" lymph nodes.

The Nuclear Medicine Centre of “Aversi Clinic” has been reconstructed in accordance with the international standards requirements. First of all, there is a strict compliance of all measures for radiation protection for patients and med personnel.

The Nuclear Medicine Centre of “Aversi Clinic” in compliance with all standards guarantees its patients high-quality service.