“Aversi Clinic” laboratory service was founded in 2007 and soon afterwards there was established another laboratory at “Aversi Clinic” branch in Marneurli. As the network of clinics expanded, the laboratory service expanded as well, and nowadays “Aversi Clinic” laboratory is represented by: the central highly productive branch functioning in the 24-hour regime; another day-and-night highly productive branch; 5 relatively low productivity laboratories and 7 facilities for taking samples as in Tbilisi, as in the regions. It should be mentioned that we cooperate not only with “Aversi Clinic”, but with other medical establishments; offer courier service and do our best, in order for the cooperation to be convenient for our partners.


Research quality and accuracy is identical at all laboratories, despite the fact that they are located in different districts.

Since the day of its foundation “Aversi Clinic” laboratory has been focusing on patient service quality, taking into consideration two important factors: high-qualified personnel and implementation of all research procedures on the latest machinery. We have therefore developed a 3-stage procedure for personnel selection and, besides, we acquire the best machinery produced by the leading world brands. With increased workload, research spectrum and the number of analyzers increase. There are currently conducted 1500 kinds of tests a day at “Aversi Clinic” laboratory.

Our working experience served as the basis for us to become professionals in this sphere. In 2013 the laboratory was awarded the certificate ISO 9001 proving the compliance of laboratory work with international quality standards; this year “Aversi Clinic “ laboratory  has become the first laboratory in Georgia accredited in compliance with the medical laboratory quality standard ISO 15189.


“Aversi Clinic” laboratories contact information:

“Aversi Clinic” central branch
Tbilisi, Vazha-Pshavela ave. 27b, tel: (+995) 577-27-47-09; (+995 32) 2-42-74-75

K. Eristavi Experimental and Clinical Surgery National Centre
Tbilisi, Chachava str. 5, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (56-71)

“Aversi Clinic”-Temka branch
Tbilisi, Temka, 3rd distr., 43 tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700(56-90)

“Aversi Clinic”- Lilo branch
Tbilisi, Lilo, 2nd quart., 7, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (56-84)

“Aversi Clinic”- Avlabar branch
Tbilisi, Tsinandali str. 9, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (56-52)

“Aversi Clinic”- Isani branch
Tbilisi, Navtlughi str. 6/2, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (57-01)

“Aversi Clinic”- B.Khmelnitski branch
Tbilisi, B.Khmelnitski str. 153, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (56-37 or 56-36)

“Aversi Clinic”- Rustavi branch
Rustavi, Meskhishvili 3, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (51-00 or 51-22)

“Aversi Clinic”-Marneuli 1 branch
Marneuli, 26 May str., tel: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (50-01or 50-12)

“Aversi Clinic”- Marneuli 2 branch
Marneuli, Sulkhan-Saba str. 58, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (50-45 or 50-48)

“Aversi Clinic”- Gori 1 branch
Gori, Tskhinvali Highway 12, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (53-07)

“Aversi Clinic”- Gori 2 branch
Gori, Samepo str. 78, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (53-30)

“Aversi Clinic”- Kareli branch
Kareli, Chavchavadze str. 8, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (56-57)

“Aversi Clinic” –Poti branch
Poti, Rustaveli arc 24, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (56-98)

“Aversi Clinic”- Sagarejo branch
Sagarejo, Aghmashenebeli str. 14, tel.: (+995 32) 2-500-700 (63-05)


Hematology and general clinical research
Biochemistry and hemostasis
Immunology – serology
Polymerase Chain Reaction
Cytological research
Histological and immunohistochemical research