About Aversi Clinic

About Aversi Clinic

Aversi Clinic is a leading multiprofile diagnostic center established and operating since 2007. Currently it unites 9 branches across the whole country. On average 1500 patients visit per day the clinic. 

In 2013, TÜV SÜD - German organization for quality control awarded Aversi Clinic the ISO 9001 international quality certificate.

The clinic must undergo a full recertification every three years that will be the guarantee of continuous quality improvement.

“Aversi Clinic“ laboratory is the first laboratory in Georgia accredited in compliance with the medical laboratory quality standard ISO 15189.

Implementation of International standards is not only a matter of prestige, it is a step forward in Georgian reality and a guarantee that every person living in Georgia can get European level medical services without leaving the country.  


  • To provide population with scientifically justified, effective, high-quality medical services;
  • To create a modern educational system of continues professional development and training / retraining of the  Clinical staff;
  • Implementation of medical technologies of latest standards, completing the Clinical staff with qualified practitioners.


  • Easy-to-access location in the city center;
  • Broad and free parking in the yard of the Clinic;
  • Patient-tailored working hours (working days - 9.00-21.00;  weekend -10.00-19.00);
  • Providing all types high-tech, accurate laboratory tests  and the possibility to e-mail  lab test results to the patients;
  • The latest and modern medical equipment;
  • Highly qualified and friendly medical staff;
  • Pleasant environment and atmosphere; 


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